Distribution can be challenging for any organization, even those entities that support their own business development teams.  Leveraging a large third party affiliate network, such as Commission Junction, can quickly create a new distribution channel for your products or services that can generate immediate traffic and revenue.

Having an affiliate marketing agency supporting your business brings certain advantages:

   1. We work with most of the major affiliates and can quickly bring them into your network

   2. We will provide significant cost savings on most affiliate related costs including CJ setup

   3. We will handle all of the day to day affiliate business so that you will have a resource between you and the

   4. We will recruit outside of the existing network on your behalf
   5. We will create coupons and other incremental offers to help drive improved conversion

What you need to understand about affiliate marketing:

   1. It will likely never be your most profitable marketing channel but it can potentially be your highest revenue

   2. It requires a long-term commitment. If you are unwilling to support it for at least 6 months then wait until you
        are ready

   3. Strategy should never be changed on a whim. Only make changes when necessary, as the more confusion you
        cause your affiliates, the less likely they are to continue with the program

   4. Being proactive generates better results. You can allow your agency to run your program on auto pilot, but
        you will get better results with increased communication both to your agency and your affiliates

   5. Learn to measure the overall value of the program not just the direct sales. Learn to track phone calls, micro
     conversions, sales generated from coupons that don’t come from affiliate partners and the additional
     incremental value each affiliate brings to the business

If your business is ready to reengage its existing affiliate program or launch a new one, let us know and we will help make sure that you make the best choice for the program.