Sometimes a business may be doing everything right but still not getting the results they expect. The first question we always ask is “are you intentionally collecting data through the use of analytics tools?” If the answer is no, all is not lost, but what we can decipher is far less than if you are.

If your business is not using an analytics platform or is not using one robust enough to supply you with the data that you really need, we can help you evaluate and select a platform that will meet your current and future business needs.

For businesses that are running analytics tools but not seeing the data that they expect, the first thing we like to do is investigate whether or not the analytics tools are installed properly.  It may be surprising for many to discover that analytics tools are not always installed in the manner that they were intended to be used. From missing tags, to improperly coded pages, any number of issues can stop your analytics tools from performing properly.

If your analytics tools are functioning properly but your marketing campaigns are not delivering the results that you desire, we can help you use your data to adjust your marketing approach to be more effective.

Understanding the definitions in the reporting process is critically important.  Most businesses struggle to communicate those definitions to the users of the data.  For example, ask yourself what is your businesses definition of a unique visitor?  Odds are if you poll five people in your organization, you will get a number of different answers. 

When business don’t really understand what the data means, they often fail to draw the proper conclusions about what the data represents. We can help your organization understand the data that you are collecting and what that data really means as well as provide assistance in interpreting that data.

When we evaluate data we often come upon interesting opportunities within the data that we share with businesses to help them make progressive advances in both their monetization and marketing practices.  We want to help your business connect its user data to drive an improved web site user experience, which will drive incremental micro conversions and higher ROI.