The quickest way to supplement your web sites traffic is through paid search marketing campaigns. There are a number of risks that a business has to be aware of when it comes to paid search. The largest risk is acquiring traffic that fails to convert or fails to turn into a positive return on investment. Mitigating this risk is the single largest reason that businesses chose to work with an agency like ours.

The primary driver of paid search marketing is through the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Having had years of experience running search marketing campaigns for others and listening to their concerns, we have taken the time to develop our own custom reporting and monitoring software that we run in parallel with other analytics tools to insure accurate reporting and measurement. Along with marketing on the major search engines we now support custom campaigns on FaceBook and some of the other more popular social media sites.

There are a number of different ways to approach paid search.  By using paid search as an acquisition channel we can reinvest your returns and make the channel drive as many new customers as possible to your business while covering your costs and making the channel break even. 

If driving profit is your greatest concern then we can adjust your campaigns and start optimizing them keyword by keyword to maximize your profit.  While this type of campaign scales slowly and often reduces revenue, it will maximize your potential return. 

As a liquidation strategy, paid search can be a highly effective outlet to move products or services that might return zero dollars otherwise. Taking a creative marketing approach that emphasizes time sensitive offerings is one of the unique ways paid search can be leveraged on a fixed timetable.

We have experience running all of these strategies, as well as many others.  We can tailor a paid search campaign or campaigns to meet any specific business criteria.  Often we run multiple campaigns with each one having a unique objective that is often very divergent from the others.