EarBits.com Design Ideas and Documentation

Rethinking Design

We were asked to submit a design idea for the artist page of EarBits.com. Below is the design we turned around for them within 24 hours. The design includes all of the required elements the EarBits team requested as well as our own unique spin on what the page should look like and how it would function.

Along with all design documentation we provide a document outlining how we envision the design to function, which often times reduces the number of iterations required to lock in the design as well as helping to get the developers involved and get their sign off, regardless of who actually codes the site.

EarBits is focused on changing the way bands reach their target audiences.Earbits has created a next generation Indy Music Platform that allows bands to reach out to fans in an entirely new way.

Expect an exciting announcement from the EarBits team soon.
Read about EarBits.com on TechCrunch as well as their involvment with YCombinator.