The concepts involved in SEO are really not all that difficult to understand. Optimizing successfully and getting the type of results that position your web site to acquire the maximum possible return can be extremely difficult because SEO is all about the details.

Ask nearly any designer or programmer who has had to compromise the way they do their work for “SEO reasons” how they feel about SEO and if they are honest they are going to tell you they dislike it regardless of the benefit that it may provide to the business. SEO is a process that when not considered from the very start is something that is mostly likely going to become an organizational pain point.

SEO has three primary components on-site optimization, content and linking. As consultants, our role is to help businesses optimize all three of these pieces to the maximum extent possible given a business’ existing circumstances. Understanding a business’ SEO goals is a critical first step.

Our goal is not to manage expectations. It is to match the businesses expectations to the realistic opportunities in the market place. We can quickly discover what should be done then we then work with you to learn what can be done and then we suggest to you what should be done, explain why it should be done and tell you what you can expect after it is done.

In this manner every business can gage how much effort they truly want to place into their SEO efforts and whether or not the effort is justified. We are not here to promise you unrealistic results or to sell you on the value of SEO over some other channel. We know that the best marketing channels are the ones that work.