When it comes time to drive incremental traffic and revenue to your site, there are invariably a lot of options. Having a solid strategic marketing plan will help your business stay on course and insure that you always know what needs to be accomplished.

When it comes to strategic planning, there are generally two primary approaches that we prefer to take.

For companies that already have a plan and just wish to acquire additional validation of their existing plan or help fill in any missing pieces. We take a very direct approach in our planning evaluation. We can quickly identify areas of the plan that may need to be reevaluated. The more set a business can be on the direction it wishes to go, the more effective we can be in refining the details of their plan and driving maximum efficiency.

For businesses that don’t have a plan or are uncertain how to take their ideas and turn them into a plan, we take a more creative approach to the process. We have a thought process structure that we like to introduce businesses to that can help them form the building blocks of their plan. After using this structure to create a framework of ideas we then work with them to determine how much of the plan they can build on their own and how much of the plan they still need assistance with.

With a strong commitment to cooperation, defining a clear sense of purpose and building actionable strategic marketing plans is always achievable.
Our process revolves around a number of key steps.

   1. We make sure that the business has defined their objectives, strategies and marketing tactics then we check
        to make sure that the logic of their strategies support the objectives

   2. We engage in discussion regarding prior marketing efforts and their results

   3. We addresses the issues relating to the competitive landscape and then evaluate the chosen tactics

   4. We check to see how the new plan will affect day to day business operations

   5. We look for additional opportunities to maximize ROI

   6. We insure that appropriate analytics tools are in place to be able to successfully measure the results of each
       marketing tactic employed